In Honor of: 
Denair Library
Denair, CA USA
Why I Love My Library: 

Why I Love My Library

Let me count the ways…of how I love my local Library in Denair, California and how it has made a difference in my life.

• Katrina – Librarian extraordinaire – knows all and finds all for me at a minutes notice
• Small enough to be familiar with our local community and many of its patrons
• Large enough to offer a wide selection of books and printed materials
• Computers available for those of us who don’t have internet (or a computer!) at home
• Conveniently located in the center of our small town – next to the Community Center and across from the Post Office so my stops are easy to make
• Katrina – our Librarian who knows what I need even before I do
• Contests throughout the year (such as this one!) that engage us and at the same time tie us to our Library
• Story hours for our little ones all throughout the year
• Crafting opportunities for children of many different ages and various stages of development
• An avenue of escape from television and day-to-day life by allowing me to set the pace of what, when, and how much I read at a time
• Katrina – who will stay for me to come by even if it is at the stroke of 6:00 when she’s supposed to close because she knows I am coming from work as quickly as I can
• The feeling of community when you walk in the door where people come to gather for a few minutes (to pick up or drop off books) or a few hours (to use the computers or do some reading in a quiet place)
• A convenient place where I can go to check my email or log on and pay my bills when I am on vacation since I have no Internet at home
• If our Library doesn’t have what I want, I can search the website and have books sent from several of our local Libraries – usually arriving within a couple of days, saving me driving time and the aggravation of going somewhere I don’t know
• Emails when my books have arrived so I can pick them up on my way home from work or running errands if it’s a Saturday
• Did I mention our AWESOME Librarian Katrina who keeps an eye out for new releases by my favorite authors and lets me know so I can put myself on the wait list

Three summers ago I took a trip and picked up some books that I had laying around the house to entertain me on the six-hour plane ride. During that vacation I discovered some new authors and upon my return home I went to the Denair Library to see what was in stock. This was truly a life changing time because Katrina took the time to help me locate not only books by the author I asked about, she made a few suggestions of other authors I might also like. When I returned the next week, she had pulled about 10 books from the “honor” section, by three different authors, and had them ready for me to look at and decide if I wanted to read them. I took them all home and was hooked!

Our Library serves as a hub of activity and information in our small community. One of my nephews needed a book for a report and was going to drive to our main Library (30 minutes away) and I happened to be at his house, mentioned that he could order it on-line and have it delivered to our Library. He (and his dad who was going to have to drive him!) was thrilled at the prospect and when he had the book in two days he sent me a text thanking me for helping him discover the possibilities and availability of our Library.

All of this and more is why I love my Library in Denair, California!