In Honor of: 
Hagen Ranch Library
Delray Beach, FL, USA
Why I Love My Library: 

Fifteen years ago, I arrived to the United States, a country that was foreign to me. I was an immigrant from Colombia where I had lived all my life. The first thing I did once I was settled in my new country was take out my driver’s license, a newspaper subscription to the Miami Herald and most importantly: a library card.
I went to the the library almost every day, it became a second home for me. I didn’t care that I had to drive 25 minutes just to get to the nearest one in my area. It was worth it because the library allowed me to read different books from all over the world, even some of my favorites that I had read in Colombia. The library also had internet access which I could not afford at that point in my life.
The library turned into an integral part of my life and my family’s life. It gave us all endless opportunities to fill our brains with powerful stories from past and present. It was a place where I could read, study and wait in between job interviews. The library doesn’t just house books, it houses music, movies and learning materials for children of all ages.
The library card is a symbol that promises you that you can always learn more and that the resources that will help you learn more are always available for you to use. The library has been alive and well for years and is a special part of my history and the world’s. The love I’ve had for such an irreplaceable part of society has been passed down to my daughters who honor it as much as I always have and will.
No matter what country or city I am in, the library will always be my favorite place and it will always be my home.

With much admiration,
Claudia Mendoza