In Honor of: 
Orleans Public Library
Orleans, IN USA
Why I Love My Library: 

My earliest memories of reading and our library were going to the library with my mother and I remember getting my library card when I was in early grade school. In fact I think I may still have my original library card that was given to me when our library went to computerized cards. I guess I got my love of reading from my mother because she always loved to read, and so does my sister. The librarian would let me check out more than the limit of books because I read them so quickly. She was such a wonderful lady. All the librarians through the years there have been so friendly and helpful....always ready to give suggestions or help. My boys were not much on reading, more into sports, but my daughter loved to go to the library with me and check out books as well as play with the puzzles they had. I continued the tradition with my oldest grandson, and then most of the other grands. He used to call me and I'd hear a little voice saying "Mamaw, will you take me to the libary (his pronunciation at 4 yrs)?" I remember going to school for grandparents day and the teacher asked him what special things we did, and he said "Go to the library". By the time I took the grands, our library had more than books and puzzles. There are now computers, a copy machine, and ebook checkout. Our library is a beautiful Carnegie Library built in 1915 and plans are beginning for updates and handicap access.