In Honor of: 
Paynesville Great River Regional library
Paynesville, MN USA
Why I Love My Library: 

I love my Paynesville library so much because it has opened so many doors for my daughter Finley. I began reading to her as soon as she was born and we would go to the library to get books ever has always been our fun. Finley has become a very good reader and this year had an exciting challenge from her second grade teacher. Mrs Hengel challenged Finley to read 1 million words by the end of the year. I was a bit shocked! I thought that seemed like a whole lot of words! Finley was up for the challenge and we headed right over to the library and got piles of books. By the end of the first quarter of school Finley had read over 1 million words. She didn't stop there and by the end of the year she had checked out over 200 books from our Paynesville library. The last day of school Finley was honored at her school assembly when they announced she had read five million nineteen thousand words. It was a new record at her school. Everyone at our library has been so supportive of what she was doing. We would love to help our library and give back. This would be a perfect way to do that!