In Honor of: 
Palm Beach County Library System
Wellington, FL
Why I Love My Library: 

Home educating my children has been a wonderful, but challenging experience. I rely heavily on the excellent selection of books, videos, and other materials our library provides. My children know that if they'd like to research any topic in the world, the library will have answers for them. They love to read about the history of America and patriotism, chemistry, birds of Florida, vehicles, homemade crafts, biographies and so many other topics. Every time we leave the library, we have a *huge* bag full of new materials. I often joke that we need a wheely cart! The librarians never suggest that we borrow fewer materials (after all, they will have to put all of them back on the shelf!)
When I can squeeze in some time for myself, I fill my library bag with books and videos that enrich my life, too!

The staff at our library are a perfect blend of friendly and professional, and the atmosphere is clean, well-lit, and uplifting.

I love my library!!!