In Honor of: 
NALIS St. Helena Public Library
St. Helena, Trinidad
Why I Love My Library: 

I love my library because the environment is very comfortable. Some days I spend up to six hours there studying or reading for leisure. I especially enjoy browsing the magazines such as Seventeen, National Geographic and Natural Health, just to name a few.

A couple weeks ago I borrowed Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've been a member of the library for eight years and I'm satisfied with the variety of books that the library holds - from the most modern authors such as J.K Rowling to the classics such as Jane Austen. There's a section of books by local and Caribbean authors such as V.S. Naipaul, Earl Lovelace and Lakshmi Persaud who are a few of my favourites.

To commemorate national festivals the librarians prepare a lovely and informative display. The display area also provides awareness for important topics such as Autism awareness.

Often, my friend and I plan to go to the library on the same day to study together.

I love my library! It's my go-to place when I want to access information, study or simply relax.