In Honor of: 
Flagstaff City Coconino County Public Library
Flagstaff, Arizona
Why I Love My Library: 

The short story collection in my library is full of transportive stories like the one I just finished reading titled, The Year of Silence by Kevin Brockmeier (from Ecotone Magazine's anthology Astoria to Zion).
The humanity I see in my small city library parallels the small city of this story.
The story is about a small city whose inhabitants experienced intermittent and inexplicable periods of silence (no traffic, jackhammers, ambulance noises...), growing from a few seconds at first to several minutes. The effects on the city during these silences were lower emergency room admittances, empty police blotters, peaceful bars and jails to name a few. The people of this small city began to look forward to the silence and even hunger for it, until they began inventing ways to have more of the silences, eventually eliminating all sounds, even birdsongs, and snowfalls. Then one day there was a glitch in one of their inventions ("a short circuit in the system of sonic filters") and sound was reintroduced.
In my library, there are times of stillness and meditative silence, as just before the doors open and patrons quietly read or gaze at the doors. As well, there are exciting times of sounds and interactions as staff and patrons laugh at shared jokes and discoveries.
The beautiful combination of stillness and dynamic interactions come together in this public space, my beautiful library.