In Honor of: 
Western Governors University Library
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Why I Love My Library: 

I absolutely adore my online school library at Western Governors University (WGU). I am newly disabled and it is quite challenging, for me to get to the local library. I am not able to drive, so I am dependent on the mercy of others for transportation. Also, I am not able to get around the library well or access tall shelving units. The WGU library is an online library, so I am able to access the scholarly works I need for academic papers. With traditional libraries there is also the concern of the book being checked out. I haven’t run into that problem with WGU, if the paper is available. I can click the link and start my work.

I wasn’t sure how I could do higher education without the ability to get around the local college. Most institutions offer some work online, but primarily you need to order the book through the inter-library loan system. I am very grateful WGU offers me access to the information, in the way I need it. I have a lot of freedom when utilizing their system that I wasn’t able to find in other universities.