In Honor of: 
Hagen Ranch
Delray Beach, FL
Why I Love My Library: 

I love my library, it gave me the chance to spend fun time with my growing grandchildren. I recently moved here from the Tampa area and the only time I got to see them was for Christmas. When I discovered that the Hagen Ranch Library was so close to where I now live and shop, I decided to take a ride and check it out. What a beautiful place! I think I'll take the grandkids here and see if they like it. And they did, they enjoy all the books, computers and especially, scanning the books they pick at the self-check out scanner. I love that I can now get all the books that I want for myself without having to go to a crowed store in hopes of finding what I want. I just look it up, put it on hold and wait for an e-mail to say it is waiting for me. What could be better?