In Honor of: 
Glades Road Branch Library
20701 95th Ave S, Boca Raton, FL 33434
Why I Love My Library: 

Hello, My name is Ryan Marcus Carter. The reason or should say 3 reasons why I love my library is 1). I love my biographies and prayer and Christianity books, 2).I love to challenge my mind in thirst for more knowledge, and 3). I wanna make a difference and show that there's more to the library than just going there for a hangout and being on the internet.

If there is one statement that I love from Malcolm X before he died and it's this...."The most powerful person in the world is a person with knowledge. I would take that statement until the day I died.

Before I became drawn to the Palm Beach Library system, I belonged to the Broward County Library system. Even to this day I still read books in my area. From there, I also became part of the Miami-Dade library system, Delray Beach system, and Mandel West Palm Beach Library. The Palm Beach Library system was my third mission after Miami Dade Library system.

Many people have asked me why am I part of 4 library systems since Im a Broward county resident. The truth is I just want to read books that interest me. Im not here for internet, Im here to just challenged my mind. Even though Im a Broward County resident.... that's not gonna stop me from reading what I want from Libraries.

I wish that the younger generation would treat the library as a hobby instead of going there for just school projects and go there to just chill and not wanting to picking up a book. No offense to anyone but throughout my years, I visit many libraries and I see the same thing. The same thing that Im talking about is most people going on the internet, students getting books for just school projects instead of not treating it as a hobby, students taking the easy way out in reading about a famous person on the internet instead of not challenging their minds in reading about a famous person in a book, and older people and little kids reading more books than the younger generation of teens and young adults. It shouldn't be this way.

Reading books from libraries can really changed a person and keep he or she out of trouble. Even though there are people who have Nook Books and Kindles to read to make it easier for themselves with this new technology these days. But I rather do the traditional and old fashioned way like are forefathers have done to carry out their legacy... and thats pick up a book to challenge the mind.

Imagine if we lived in a world right now where there are no libraries. We would see the younger generation do more violence, be more addict to video games, and gain more knowledge on gangs and street life instead of no knowledge about World, American, or any kind of history that you can name.

But thank God for are ancestors and forefathers who have left the legacy behind for us to go to the libraries. And lets not forget about famous legends like Andrew Carnegie and Melvil Dewey whom made impact in the world of Libraries.Although Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist and philanthropist, but he is responsible for building public libraries to improved the community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and other areas before he died. And for a library genius and librarian like Melvil Dewey, he is responsible for not only being one of the founding members of the American Library Association. But Dewey created the legendary Dewey decimal system in which it use to classifying books in the library. Without them two we wouldn't see how libraries have been improved over the years.

So that's what the library means to me. Even though there are many people who have there reasons why he or she loves the library so much. But mine is always about gaining knowledge and challenging the mind in reading a book instead of the internet.