In Honor of: 
Regency Square Branch
Jacksonville, FL USA
Why I Love My Library: 

I legitimately don't understand why more people don't use the library. Sometimes people will talk about not being sure if they can buy more books, or they'll moan about the costs of movies. [Sometimes they'll even complain about not being able to find what they need on the internet for a project, but that's pretty rare.] Then they give me this really funny look when I ask why they don't just use they library. They tend to give some lame excuse, usually about not having a library card. Then, [if they don't try to break off the conversation and leave before I try to explain that library cards are free], they'll give a second lame excuse about not knowing where things are. At this point, they clearly don't want to hear me extoll the virtues of the librarians and their awesome [and possibly magical] abilities to find you what you need, so they leave me alone to shake my head and wonder what's wrong with them. I know they're busying wondering what's wrong with me as they leave, but, I mean, why would you not utilize all the resources the library has? You're paying taxes to support it anyway [probably- unless you're still not earning enough that they give you your money back, then hey- it's free, and who doesn't love free comics, novels, dvds, and music]. Besides, I wasn't lying to those people with the lame excuses; it's not like a library card costs anything. Maybe they're not people who are fresh out of college [though they usually are] and have a fairly tight budget that doesn't allow for frivolities like cable and brand-new hardback books. Maybe they don't realize that the library has more than just books [though that many free books in one place is a pretty sweet deal on its own]. Or maybe they think that libraries are factories for turning normal humans into aliens and librarians are the aliens that convert normal humans like me [they're not- they'd have surely gotten me now if that were true]. Whatever the reason, as they leave me there shaking my head, I take a small shred of comfort in knowing that that's one less person I have to compete with for checking out comics from the secret stash in the 741's section of the non-fiction shelves.