In Honor of: 
Regency Square Branch
Jacksonville, FL USA
Why I Love My Library: 

Why do I love my library? Let me count the ways...
1. It has lots of books, and the selection is updated frequently so I never run out of new reading material.
2. It allows me to have access to the shows, movies, and novels I can't afford on my meager "fresh out of college" budget.
3. It's given me the ability to do some serious speed reading [approximately 100 words per hour].
4. It's awoken my super power- the ability to open car doors while carrying a stack of books that stretches from my waist to my chin.
5. It helps me build muscle tone as I lug all those books back and forth from the library on a frequent basis.
6. Their great programs give me a better reason to get out of the house than just buying groceries.
7. Did I mention the massive amount of books they have?
8. It's give me [and fueled] my life-long addiction to reading.
9. All that reading has given me an innate ability to write and use proper grammar.
10. It lets me do research offline so I can look at multiple pages simultaneously with ease.
11. When my internet or power goes out, I don't loose money and time on my freelance projects; I can just go to the library to use their computers.
13. Finally, and most importantly, they have a secret stash of Calvin and Hobbes [and other] comics in the 741's section.