In Honor of: 
Pablo Creek
Beach Boulevard between Hodges & Kernan
Why I Love My Library: 

I love my library because...
It's close yet far enough to provide me with an 8 miles bicycle ride.
It also has parking for said bicycle and fountains to refill the water bottles :) The same applies to car drivers but I can't help these people if they insist on driving LOL...
I love my library because...
Its check-in & check-out computers are user friendly. I use them and see children use them with their parents watching.
Its website is easy to use and super practical to put books and films on hold.
Its structure and cleanliness is inviting and its staff always helpful.
It provides tools such as computers, classes and advice to all sorts of needs.
It's a place to meet and learn for adults & children. At times, you can even vote there!
YES, I love my library because it is a constant in the ever more demanding lifestyles we lead. For me, it represents and is a harbor of calm, peace and learning! I can not think of a better place to be to get out of the daily storm.
Thank you to all & everyone who greet us everyday, including our custodian, and make our lives special with knowledge & kindness.
Please share these testimonies with our governing bodies to let them know how much we treasure our libraries.
Thank You! Tusindtak! Merci!