In Honor of: 
Aberdeen School District Libraries
Aberdeen, Idaho
Why I Love My Library: 

Ever since I started reading books upside down as a little girl, I have been absolutely hooked on all kinds of stories. In particular, I love fantasy, medieval, and love stories. Nothing makes me happier than getting a new book or spending a vast amount of time walking by the shelves of a bookstore or in this case a library. I loved going to the library when I was in elementary school. I would always read a ton of books not only because I would get awards for it but because I was so interested in the stories they would tell. This continued on through middle school and of course into high school as well. The librarian of the high school library told me of an unbelievable deal where I could check out as many books as I wanted over the summer and I could bring them back after the break was over. Each year I would walk away with approximately twenty books that I would lovingly read throughout my break. Books can be expensive and it was so wonderful to have the library at such easy access so I could read so many stories for free. I know I will always be a bookworm and I hope that I will always have a good library nearby that will help me continue to dive into the amazing stories out there.